Why Coaching?

The Why

We know that the choices we make every day have a big impact on the state of our health, both today and in the future. That means that the activity we do (or don’t), our efforts to manage stress productively (or not), the beliefs we carry (adaptive or not), the sleep we get (or don’t), and the food (or food-like substances) we eat are choices between moving towards health or increasing our risk of becoming a chronic disease statistic.

This awareness can feel like a big responsibility, and it can also be incredibly empowering. For better – and for worse – our health is in our hands. Of course, we’re all dealt genetic strengths and weaknesses, but what we eat, whether we exercise, how much we sleep, our mindset, and how much stress we have largely determine which genes turn on and which stay off. Food is an especially important environmental factor, because we eat 5-7 tons of it in a lifetime, and all of it talks to our body. Our food tells our cells to produce or reduce inflammation, to burn or store energy . . . in short, to help or harm our health.


Your Why

Most of us agree that good health is important, and yet few of us find that that in itself is a practical motivation. Unless we’ve faced a serious diagnosis or prognosis, the idea of better health is usually not enough to get us out of bed in the morning to work out, nor does it give us the motivation we need to walk past the candy bowl at work without stopping.

Part of our work together will involve identifying why the change you seek matters to you. What does it mean to you? What will it allow you to do? How will it help you to align more closely with the life you want to have?

The answers to these questions form the basis of your why: why you will undertake – and what will sustain – the challenge of doing something different?


The Approach: Simplify

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or confused by dietary advice? The basics of healthy eating are surprisingly simple, and don’t involve meal plans, highly specific diets, or calorie counting. Imagine no longer feeling stressed about food and food choices. In our work together, you’ll learn to let your body be your ally in your efforts to nourish yourself.