About True Image Nutrition

Make peace with your food, make peace with your self.

I believe in conscious food choices that align with your core values. Over 10 years of serving clients in accomplishing their nutrition and wellness objectives, I’ve developed deep expertise in working with them to be more mindful in eating. Part of this involves helping clients learn body awareness and trust by establishing a foundation of healthy nutrition habits while addressing aspects of mindset that take them outside of themselves and their experience.

About Veronica

We can always choose to leave the door open to the possibility of transcending our perceived limitations. We embrace growth when we have faith in our best selves.

I have a profound and abiding belief in the key role of food in the foundation of health. This realization struck me very personally as a young mother when my infant daughter’s chronic health challenges completely resolved with the removal of wheat. This was nothing short of miraculous to me – no hydrocortisone for eczema or corn syrup (pediatrician’s recommendation) for digestive issues. Just figuring out what was causing the problem and removing it. Imagine that!

Since then, I’ve been passionate about helping people – including myself – feel better through nutrition. After getting a Masters in Nutrition and some work experience (teaching nutrition to college students, developing an integrative corporate wellness program to keep employees healthy holistically, and working on a team of providers in a clinical practice specializing in functional medicine), I realized that the traditional provider / patient relationship was not the path to lasting change. Enter: coaching.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that during this time, I was personally confronted once again with the role of nutrition in health and disease, this time in the form of my own Hashimoto’s diagnosis and synthroid prescription. Working with a Functional MD, I learned the root cause of this autoimmune condition, and have managed it ever since, med-free, by maintaining a gluten-free diet.

In 2012 I joined Precision Nutrition as a coach and stayed for five years, guiding and supporting teams of 150-300 clients through a year-long body transformation program. Because of my strong belief in the power of a personal coaching relationship to create a safe space for change, I have returned to my own practice, focused on a more individualized approach to client needs and challenges.