How We Work Together

At the macro level . . .

As a nutrition coach, my role is to empower you on your path to wellness. We work together in a therapeutic alliance in which your autonomy and expertise in your own life are respected, and my knowledge and experience support you in your ongoing evolution. I will never tell you what to do; rather, we will work together to establish next steps on your path that feel relevant, do-able and sustainable.


At the micro level . . .

The truth is, for most people a nutritional approach based on embodied awareness and few basic guidelines will be the foundation of healthy eating. So we begin by establishing a foundation of healthy habits together. We start exactly where you are in this process, rather than where you feel you should be; and we focus on the reality of how you eat on a daily basis (what you actually do) rather than on what you know.

Once this foundation has been built, we look more deeply at supporting optimal physiologic function through nutrition, and at any ways in which food choices may be negatively impacting health, as a commitment to continued body awareness and mindful nourishment. This includes assessing and addressing food sensitivities, considering systemic inflammatory status, reducing the acid load on the body, and balancing blood sugar.

Clients who are committed and engaged experience results like this:

  • Achieving a healthy weight through honoring their body (rather than weight loss or gain at all costs and by any means)
  • Discovering calm and sanity around nutrition choices
  • Alignment of a nutrition strategy with their own values and originating from a place of self-care rather than fear or obligation
  • Significant improvement in (and in some cases reversal of) various chronic disease, including but not limited to GERD, Type II diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases (like Hashimoto’s), depression and osteoporosis
  • Increased self-acceptance and body trust